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NOTE: For the best customer service, we recommend that you always check our website, for the latest updates on prices etc, -

For prices are subject to change at any given time, we do charge more to travel.

Example: If you live ten to fifty miles away from the Central Ohio, area a charge up to fifty dollars-may apply.

Or one hundred miles away from the Central Ohio, area, their will be a charge of one hundred more dollars, & so on. . .

About us



*We use a carpet extractor, to clean dirt, & grime out of the seats, floors, & floor mats / all upholstery cleaning, will be performed!


We also have one of the best leather, & interior cleaning around.


Note: Just because you have a clear coat body

protection, on your ride from a dealer, does not

mean you do not need a wax it twice a year

there is still build-up of dirt on your favorite car.


Our soap, & wax, shrinks the paints pores , for the best depth in paint.

Also it seals clear coat from day one.

So that dirt will wash off easier with regular

weekly car washing, dirt will fall off better.


Which our soap & wax also makes the paint harder over time, so it will less than likely chip, as easy as normal paint jobs.

Which our soap & wax is also 100% body shop safe.


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