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Whats new about Shine A Ride..

We have our best window cleaner up for sale-

to ware we will bring it to your home.

 It comes in a 23oz bottle, or our new hand held 8oz bottle, see pictures below.

 <23oz    <8oz

The way we are selling this product right now-

 is we are making it by order, we have none in

stock, $60.00, (cash only) gets you four big

bottles, of our window cleaner, & one hand held

size bottle for your vehicle. Or you can get all five bottles in the larger size if you want too. delivered to your home or business, it works great on vehicles windows, or any glass windows.

If you have any questions please call business # 937-738-7566 today & leave a message! We will be back with you asap!



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